CPR/First Aid

CPR & First Aid Courses are for Lay Responders/Non-Healthcare Providers

If you are a Healthcare Provider, enroll in BLS (Basic Life Support).

All participants working in a non-healthcare setting are advised to take Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR.


It is best to contact your school, employer or licensing board to verify which certification is best for you.

BLS - Do I need American Red Cross (ARC) or American Heart Association (AHA)

Below is information received from program directors and/or .gov websites:

ARC and/or AHA accepted by:

CA Dental Board

CCSF EMT Program

Bay Area Training Academy

Only AHA accepted by:

Healthcare Providers working in Hospitals

College of San Mateo's EMT program

UCSF Nursing Students

UCSF Pharmacists

Are CEU's issued?

EMTs. Yes Please click corresponding Certification Provider below.

American Red Cross

American Heart Association

Nurses: No. CPR and BLS courses is listed as an unacceptable course for CEUs.


Dentists, Dental Hygenists, RDA's, etc. Yes


All other professions, please contact your accrediting body to see if they will accept/award CE credits for any ARC or AHA course you complete successfully. 

Please feel free to contact us by email, should you have any further questions.

Pinole:  (510)221-9331
San Bruno:  (510) 221-9317