Terms & Conditions

Cancellation/Refund Policy (Per Participant)

  • No refund if student attends in-person skills session and/or receives course certification.

  • No refund if student cancels within 24 hours of session.

  • ​50% refund if student launches or completes online course but does not proceed with the skills session and does not receive course certification. Must provide 24 hours advanced notice. 

  • ​100% refund will be issued if student has not launched or completed the online portion or skills session and provides 24 hours advanced notice.

Reschedule Policy (Per Participant)

$25 reschedule fee

Fee will be waived on first occurrence, if rescheduled with Begin CPR.

$25 fee will be implemented for 2nd occurrence and each occurrence thereafter.

A code will be sent by email to use during re-enrollment.

Health & Safety Precautions

Students must wear a mask to participate in course. Students must sanitize hands before entering office. Gloves will be provided to students at the start of class. A temperature check may be conducted using a no-contact infrared thermometer.  Students who have a fever or display symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu will be required to reschedule.

Blended Learning

Students participating in a Blended Learning course must complete the online portion before the scheduled in-person session. Student will not be allowed to complete the in-person skill sessions and must reschedule.

If you do not receive a link to the online course by the following business day, please contact us.

Classroom Course

Student must attend entire course, pass skills session, and written test (if required) to receive certification.


All course certifications are digitally issued and valid for 2 years. Please ensure the spelling of your name is correct during checkout.